5 DIY Sweatshirts/Sweaters Collab w/MaiStyyle

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***Hanh from MaiStyyle DIY Collab: http://bit.ly/19ua4D7
***Sweatshirts is going strong since Spring of 2013 and I have been getting into them because of the change of weather. I thought to share an easy way to update tops and stay trendy with lace, leather, sequin, word quotes, floral, stripes, and printed front panels. These ideas will spark your creativity to wear chic tops that was made by you!

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Lisa Pullano
On my nails? Butter London in Muggins http://bit.ly/15NcFKX
Materials used:
– Tops from H&M and Target from $10-$25
– Statement Necklace from H&M $17 http://bit.ly/17USfz6

FROM Joann Fabric and Craft Store: (You can tell I love to haul here hehe)
– White pencil, fabric pencil or use a bar of used soap that is thin to draw on fabrics
– Hot Glue Gun 0.44 Diameter $10 http://amzn.to/1dAxXNn
– Multi-purpose Super glue E 6000
Large tube $5 http://amzn.to/1bzdlqA
Mini tubes $7 http://amzn.to/16iNxhB
– Fabric Glue Sticks
Aleene’s Clear Fabric Glue Sticks $5 http://bit.ly/19pVDkH
Surebonder Fabric GLue Sticks $5 http://amzn.to/19tAMvB
– Iron-on adhesive (Cheaper at Walmart) $5 http://bit.ly/1bzbYbq
Heat N Bond Strong http://amzn.to/18LIPJ9
Heat N Bond Lite http://amzn.to/18NQGQz
– Iron
– Scissors
OPTIONAL – X-acto Knife $5 http://amzn.to/15hJXTW
OPTIONAL – Rotary Cutter $15 http://amzn.to/1b3SWuB
OPTIONAL – Rotart Cutting Mat $20 http://amzn.to/1af0Rka
– 2 to 3 Yards of 3/4 scalloped Lace Trimming http://bit.ly/16QLbE7
More lace options: http://amzn.to/1b3U7dp
– 1/4 Yard of Pom Pom Trimming $3
– 3 to 4 yards of Sequin Trimming $7
– Needle
– Thread to match the sweater
– Craft Pearls $5 http://amzn.to/16yPvEs
– 1/3 Yard of Vinyl Fabric $4
– 1/2 Yard of Print Fabric $3
– Cardboard or Poster Paper $1
– Pilers http://amzn.to/1afwOJb
or side cutters http://amzn.to/18Ouju5

From my computer:
– Print a letter from Microsoft word using any large font or google a letter of your choice like my “L” http://bit.ly/1fpOLJ0

From grocery store like Target:
-Tracing Paper or Wax Paper http://amzn.to/1f6HzUe

Music Credit:
– ‘Crazy Love’ By Mindy Gledhill
Album: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/anchor/id384576597
– ‘305’ by Approaching Nirvana
Album: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/not-even-once/id674040773


Pilar Laguna says:

oye bonita :
no entiendo en absoluto el ingles. pero eres muy creativa. Parabienes y sigue con tu aficion. te saludo desde Bolivia

Female DJ Frizzie says:

hi, why use a hot glue gun for the lace than the heat and bond or fabric glue?

Laura Gonzalez says:

creo q he visto un lindo gatito

Shefali peters says:

u use L and knee cat…but what febric use for this

Heather Corouthers says:

love the ideas . …awesome video

Brenda Croteau says:

TOTALLY SUPER CUTE!! I love all of them! can't wait to try them!

Charity Julieth Castleberry says:

Fabric Glue sticks? isnt It the same that we use to glue paper and things of art at school?

menna ngm says:

so kawaiiiii and easy tbh

priscilaxvi virtucio says:

it's easy to do if you have the materials but sadly i don't have, so never mind, but i love them so much!!! Nice video

Moses Walker says:

REALLY loved the pearl one😍

Manisha Prasad says:

ur creative..!! love 'em all… <3

Allen Losgano says:

difficult for me..I don't even know those materials.lmao

Nights of howling Wolves-bright Moon says:

That's nice i should give it a try when I'm bored😏

Yeni Luz says:

es bello y delicado me encanta

Threadhead TV says:

Not difficult to learn how to sew – these adorable additions to your sweaters can be sewn as well for a very professional and solid hold. Keep up the great projects! You're beautiful.

Sweetgirl Sweetgirl says:

all these things are hard to find 😕😑😑

Nesriine Niinàà says:

they're all cute

kaylee White says:

i have two some cat's like yours

MissHayleigh J says:

awesome 😃😃😃😃

Tiffany Ahlers says:

I love it!! Especially the last one

Sarah Garcia says:

Loved these diys💙 Great video!

Aman Kapali says:

Wow!! Keep more upload.. loved this video.. its so creative


I love the last two sweaters. I'm going to try them and tag you in the video. Thanks hunn.

Sofia Sanchez says:

Intro song plz?❤️

Debbie van Eersel says:

In love with the last one my god 

Arii Bluub says:

I Love the last Sweater it's Beautiful <3

Fallon Colbert says:

i love the last sweater… definitely need to make that minus the pearl collar..thanks for the video!!!

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