AFA Extract Malaysia – The Stem Cell Nutrition

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Close – has more info about AFA Extract, the natural stem cell enhancer which mainains the optimum health by improving the stem cell physiology,


Patricia Raith says:

How does it ''support'' the '' natural release of stem cells''? I would know specifically: is it by for example blocking or transporting proteines?, by bridging molcules ?, by creating new cells or else ?please give me a specific answer,we find that the explaination of '' supporting the process'' is little foggy, vague at least.Would be interesting to really know how it is working , no need to vulgarise the language -we are graduated in biology and really want to know. Thank you. 🙂

Kimmi Eu says:

www,keameu,stemtech,com to order products.

orangestoneface says:

more cells released cold mean fewer left when needed

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