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Clothing Manufacturer I talk about:
Kaaaaaaad Fam! Let’s kick it in the comment section…
My Sewing Machine:
Where I buy my fabric:
Patterns I made/use:
• Sewing Equipment •
Rotary Cutter –
Sewing Table –
Tailor’s Chalk –
Scissors –
Pins –
• YouTube Setup •
Camera –
Microphone –
Lighting –
Tripod –
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Amazon Prime Free for 6 Months –
• My life beyond the sewing machine •
Instagram –
SnapChat –
Twitter –
FaceBook –
Music /
If you read this, comment what’s your favorite clothing brand

DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This help support the channel and allow me to continue as a YouTuber. Thank you! 🙂


AyeeHolla says:

can you add the link in your manufacturing in the description box please

Leo Navarrete says:

Does apliiq make good quality shirts and hats?

Creative Creation says:

Does apliiq and/or other manufacturers print your trademark onto your clothing?

An old seagypsy's Adventures says:

I'm a small professional seamtress in Philippines. I'm looking for a vendor to sell my clothes and designs.

No1 B4Me says:

This dude looks like White captain Phillips bucked tooth samolian pirate

Aziza A says:

I searched "how to hire a manufacturer" just to find out I can search it on google…. thanks lmao

Donnaadja says:

Please let me know. My email is

Donnaadja says:

Hey please where can I find them?? Thank you so much very helpful

Moises Alou says:

thanks bro grasias you the best

jenny sun says:

For my online business Matchory found me a very good manufacturer with ODM service. Have you heard of it?

M. Simple says:

If you want to use an AMAZING Pattern Making & Grading Software check out PAD System Software….we are the distributors her e in Ontario, let me know if you want more info!

Deadinside says:

thanks so much

Magaly Stephanie says:

Do they provide the tshirts and hats? Or do you have to purchase them and provide it?

Marcus Murphy says:


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