Choosing Affiliate Products to Promote & How to Sell Them – SPI TV, Ep. 33

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November is Affiliate Marketing Month on SPI TV! In this episode, I’m talking all about finding the perfect product for your affiliate campaign.

Choosing the wrong product is the biggest mistake an affiliate marketer can make when they’re just getting started. That’s why I’m going to share what I’ve learned about finding the right product, how to sell it, and the resources that will help you along the way. Watch the video to learn more.

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Paul GoldBerg Vlog says:

packed with awesome ideas love it pat! thanks!

Oli David Blog says:

I also had sound just on the left. What happened? It didn't stop me from watching though.

Otávio Dias Correia says:

😉 + Marketer Composes Email Send From The InoxingPro App. I have a big list where I will promote your product Thanks

Freed Susie says:

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WP Eagle says:

You only come out of my left speaker. Good vid though!

The Happy Travellers says:

Sound only on the left made this unwatchable 🙁

Kevin White says:

Great video Patt! I'm new to the affiliate marketing space and this video helps with very actionable/specific steps.

Kevin Leong says:

Can I promote books in my videos as if I show it at my webcamp and talk about it?

Nur Wijaya Asmara says:

Hi Patt, thank you for the video, very good information.

Naomi Koopmans says:

Great video, thanks so much!

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