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Muhd Nawfal says:

Sexy nye aisyah nmpk badan yg sexy

Muhd Nawfal says:

Minit 1:41 nampak body dia hot sial nak je rogol

slime_honeybooboo says:

omggggg!!!!!!aisyah i love you when u arewearing hoddies!!!!!

Wafiy AMH says:

I want 1 of your hoodies. please!!

Mastura Saad says:

Pretty 😍🌹

tania asif says:

But still love your vlogs

haaaz says:

she got the sugg life hoodie im- its always sold out aljsnd

Farez Zack says:

All the hoodies so cool..

Farez Zack says:

Where you bought all the hoodies…

Sue Sumarni says:

lmao😂😂 i love the starting..i keep repeating it cause it is to cute tho..😍😂 btw she have some nice hoodie.m

athirah aziz says:

Team 10 ogosh

abg MUS taqim says:

woii tengok vidio aku oi

i wouldeatthis says:

More self love ones tu dari mana. Cutela. Pink lagi tuu 😄

Galaxy Finder says:

Makeup collection

taehyung stole my hearteuuu says:

semua lawa lawa 😭

Cheeky Syiqi says:

pft team 10

Yati Ruslan says:

I love that pink "more self love" and that next one too

Qistina Ummairah Azizul Ezan says:

Wow ! But I have a lot more than you.

Aqilah Nadia says:

shoes collection pls!!!

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