How I Tripled My Affiliate Income In ONLY 1 Week

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Do you want to see what I did and how I tripled my affiliate income in only 1 week? Let me show you the secret that I followed and why it worked so well.

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HomemadeEntrepreneur says:

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What Is The Biggest Struggle You Have With Affiliate Marketing?

directormikkell says:

Hey Adam, I mainly need the right type of traffic to my site. I have an affiliate marketing website for computers for college students and freelancers. I usually write helpful blogs on what are the best systems and accessories to get, post them on the facebook page and then promote/boost the article from there to an audience I beleive would appreciate it. I usually boost for 2 USD a day.

My relevancy score is usually around 4 out of 10 though so I guess I'm not aiming properly.

I get people to visit my site and click my links (low numbers in the hundreds and clicks are in the tens per day), however, they usually don't turn into sales. What would you recommend that I do to increase traffic and get more purchases going.

Dont Worry About it says:

Never told you this but your thumbnails are hilarious!

Vincenzo Micale says:

Have you tried BuilderAll? If so would you recommend it?

The Seasoned Surfer says:

I would say the biggest issue for me is getting buyers to my website

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