How to do affiliate marketing 2017 – Getting More Sales And Traffic Organically

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The best place to learn affiliate marketing:

How to do affiliate marketing 2017 – This video shows how you can reach thousands of people for free on Facebook using a simple trick. If you’re in affiliate marketing, Shopify, or any type of business that requires you to get some traffic… pay attention to this video as it will only serve you, justice. The difference between paid Facebook advertising and organic reach is that people feel a little less bothered when you share organic posts. Think about it, when you see a sponsored ad do you click it? The strategies in this video include:

– Finding other posts that compete well
– Replicating that post to relevant groups
– Gaining serious traffic

Rinse & Repeat**

The tools and resources I used in this video were the following (these NOT affiliate links):

This video works very well with creating a Facebook advertisement, you can view that here:

If you’d like to join a private group where we teach everything Facebook, click here:

Paid advertising is the cream of the crop in social media marketing, but you should never overlook organic results when running your affiliate marketing campaigns. If you would like to reach me on a more personal level, drop a line at:

Ruan M. Marinho



Nice video helpful

Davi says:

Thank you for your priceless videos, and your efforts…

But I conclusion three questions please:-

1- You Meant we'll get money by clicking on our FB page ( by visiting ) or you calculate money from who will buy from your store!

2- Should we do FB page in order to run Ads, or we can make Ads without FB page by using ( I kinda like Octosuit.. It has excellent tools)… by saying that, at the beginning, until we have many items then we can open our store.

3- You mentioned we don't have to put any link because it'll look like spammy or not suitable if you meant that… what I meant is.. if we put our store website or an affiliate link, more people will click on the link because without a link, maybe some will click some will not notice on our store that available on our page!… just a theory.. what you think!

Respects and greetings from Germany.

J B says:

Okay thanks man👍

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