Joe Rogan – Ben Greenfield Injected Stem Cells Where?

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Joe Rogan talks to Ben Greenfield about his “male enhancement” experiments.

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1069 w/Ben Greenfield:


eljakil says:

How bout just don’t jack off for a week
You’ll be shootin rockets

Joe K says:

I would totally hang out with this guy

AM 24 says:

If his kid's friends find this video by any chance, God help his kid.

DontbeaDogsbody says:

Thieves essential oil story- men who robbed the dead during plagues and were exposed, but did not get sick or die because they used this oil as a protection against pathogens.

Mark White says:

I had 5 Gainswave done in Denver. It’s the real deal.

Ted Davis says:

22 and worried about his dick. Serious issues.

AstralProjector * says:

I've had MRSA for a decade, and have almost been killed from it once, but I haven't had an outbreak in roughly 7 years.

Mark Mirabella says:

The thieves are said to have robbed bodies during the black plague.

beurksman says:

Thank you for doing science bro

Joey J says:

This is highly inappropriate. They shouldn’t be talking about men’s genitalia in this fashion. It’s incredibly offensive and I demand this video be removed.

IranianDude says:

I'm so scared of MRSA that I wear socks in the gym!

Sun Kang says:

That's Tony Romo's brother

2kidsit says:

I dont even know what the fuck i just listen to or what the fuck any of this was about. All i got from it was this Ben guy loves fucking around and putting shit in his dick to make it bigger and have better orgasms.

Y2DMC says:

Hes 37 not 22 lol

Kame Kazi says:

The best Joe Rogan interview

ancientSumerian says:

Dudes only 22? Jesus

Siddharth Sridharan says:

I can't believe how stupid Joe is. The Jon Jones dick pills story is bullshit. USADA did not handle that case very well. The dick pills contained multiple substances which were not present in Jones' urine sample.

MrWhataboss23 says:

How much would that cost?

Joseph Peters says:

This dude is fucking crazy!!!!

Rick Sanchez says:

I had to get dick reduction surgery because of the intense back pain.

Mary Hendron says:

He copied Dave Asprey.
And Asprey says he's going to live to 180, but he looks ten years older than he really is. Lol.

slowmopoke says:

benjamin greenburg? what kinda name is dat?

mje19D says:

This guy is UNLIKEABLE as fuck. Fuckin braces and all.

Nick GoneToFyb says:

well we all know where joe's gettin his next stem cell injection

Alexx G954 says:

In the words of the brilliant idiots …. Dick Talk!!! Dick segment!!!

Felix Kuhlin says:

You can bet your bottom dollar that in 2 months Joe will be like: "Yeah i do TRT, i take Alpha Brain every day and i inject stemcells into my cock"

Ross Quirke says:

In his dick… saved you 18 mins

Rory Macdonald says:

I need stem cells in my nose

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