Ken’s stem cell experience Panama 2017

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GinnieKinz💜 says:

I had stem cells done in panama as well for my Asperger's. I'm about to head back for my second round on Oct. 1st! Hope Ken is doing well since his treatment. Is it his first time?

MegaTrucker65 says:

Hello, we are seriously thinking of doing stem cells for our son. I would love to privately talk to you about, please call or text me at 978-985-4030. Thank you

betty marwa says:

I really commend you for saving our lives together with our kids, may Almighty God bless you in abundant, I also experience the same problem with my daughter, am finding the way to get your help

This Aspie's Wife says:

"I like your view."
"It's not mine."

This Aspie's Wife says:

Ken looks as handsome as ever!! This looks amazing!

tele says:

How often do u head out there? Does the accomodation come with the package? Ken looks fine to me. How many more trips did the doctors advise your family to do?

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