Mapping Out An Email Marketing Funnel: Opt-In Pages, Traffic, Autoresponders – (Day 4/30) #Bizathon

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This video is: Day 4 of my 30-Day #Bizathon Challenge – Build a PROFITABLE Email Business from scratch, working just 15 minutes/day.

In today’s session, I map out an entire Email Business from scratch including assets required, like: pages, emails, videos etc.I also discuss traffic strategies to drive more opt-ins.

💌 The basis of this Email Business challenge is Anik’s legendary Inbox Blueprint system. Attend the FREE WORKSHOP today where Anik shows you his “5 step system” and builds it up:
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DH Trader says:

I lost the original header theme when i was trying to add every thing can any one send them to me ?

eddie wright says:

hey Ritoban, i can't seem to get past the email field. I'm on building the subscription form.

Nitin Sirvi says:

Your estimated expenditure is around $1000 and you said you will be using "Inbox BluePrint", that cost for $1500. Will it not be more?

Felipe Vergara says:

Hey Ritoban! VERY useful content! Nevertheless , I have two questions:
What if I dont have a Tax ID (I´m not american, Im from Colombia), but Im willing to put 200% of my effort on this to make it work.
Once we get a comission, how do we get paid? Through Paypal and then we transfer it to our bank account?
Thanks for everything and wish you all the best!

clyar429 says:

I am currently registered with Infusionsoft. So I think I can skip this part. Yes?

Jdufore19 says:

I'm looking forward to seeing all the different optin pages you are setting up and all the split testing!

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