SCD “Cure” Stem Cell Transplant Info

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Hey Nomies!! I MEANT STEM CELL TRANSPLANT NOT BONE MARROW. I met with Dr. Saraf at University of Illinois At Chicago about the bone marrow transplant. I hope this gives you guys some answers. I will be doing more vids with more info on this.


Nesha's Life says:


Lakesha Franklin says:

This video really sum up all my questions about the stem cell transplant bcuz I was just about to research it so thanks so much Nesha

Star Moon says:

its too much work, I could see if I contracted this disease after birth but to be born God giving with it and tryna be cured completely makes me scared. Plus a boy had gotten "cured" so my childhood doctors said and pressured me to get the same procedure I told them I would rather stick with the hydroxyurea 5 years later the sickle-cell came back and he was sick agian can you imagine being Sickle Cell free for five years only for it to come back ten times worse I would have to fight any and everybody that's horrible

KingdomMinded 87 says:

Hey NESHA!! I have SC too. Can’t wait till my healing comes! I know it’s coming, the Lord promised me. It’s been Prophesied to me many times.

Nesha's Life says:

Guys I meant Stem Cell Transplant

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