Stem Cell Injections On My Lumbar Discs – Part 1

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I forgot to mention in the video that I am not in any way getting anything from Dr. Gilete for doing this video.
Video blog of my experience with having adult stem cell injections on my lumbar discs.

I just want to share my experience as things progress in order to help other people make informed decisions. And to help create awareness that there are (hopefully) better options than spinal fusion and even other types of surgeries.

I am more active on Instagram.

Here’s some contact info:

Dr Gilete’s Manager Maria

Hospital Centro Médico Teknon

ITRT (Institut de Terapia Regenerativa Tissular)

A 2014 report of a clinical trill done using stems cells in lumbar discs


planetshapers says:

Just found out I have annular tear to my l5-s1. Drives my crazy. Been hurting 5 years. Also degenerative disk a few above. This stem cell thing is proven to work? I think I want to try it. 20k?

Sabeen budhathoki says:

what is the cost sir , for this procedure ??

Mr. Bootin Thumpski says:

cool video. i am looking forward to watching the rest and seeing how it turned out. i have dessicated discs in my lumbar spine and neck and am also looking at the best place to get this done. the thing I don't understand is why people go to Europe. you say the fda hasn't approved it but theres regenexx and seemingly a plethora of other clinics in us and other countries. This part I don't understand. i am looking at regenexx cayman islands as it is the only regenexx for cultured stem cells but also looking at the german clinic that all the footballers have been going to apparently. I am not sure exactly what sort of stem cell procedure is best so hopefully I get it all figured out soon. It is a weird situation as you kind of need to do all the groundwork yourself. Your videos should be quite helpful.


Dude I have the exact same injury as you, same 2 discs. I'm getting a steroid injection next week. I'm looking into the stem cell therapy before any surgeries. Keep us updated on you're recovery please because I might go to Barecelona to do the same thing

Loc raptor says:

what happened after treatment? Did it make your herniated disk go back no being non herniated?

bk23 says:

I waned to ask you something. It's been about 4 weeks since my stem cell injection and it seems like my pain and sciatica is worse than before. Was that your experience? I'm getting kinda nervous.

Deepak Tamu says:

where I can get this therapy. I'm Nepal available?

bk23 says:

Doc said he'll do something like that during the injection. Your experience is giving me some hope in this procedure. I'll keep you posted after the injection. Thanks for the input.

bk23 says:

Are you feeling better now after several months after stem cell injection? I am scheduled for one next month.

Denis André says:

I have done ten injections of ozone. I hope to get better soon. Interesting, for some ozone works perfectly, for others doesn´t.

Spytotheroot says:

How did it go after your trip to Spain how long has it been did you get the injection in the disc did it work?

Revolution Machine Inc. Aaron Dickenson says:

I hope it all goes well or went well . 😉

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