Stem Cell treatment – overview of procedure

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This animation describes how stem cells from the patient’s abdominal fat are used to treat various diseases, such as MS, ALS, Stroke, Diabetes, Lung Disease, Heart Disease, Othropedic, etc.


Reza Rezaei says:

that is crazy, i am a stem cell researcher. you never can do something like this. OMG they use adipose stem cell in serum 😲, it can make many unknown disorders in the patient body.

Creative Bioarray says:

Today, stem cells are usually collected from the blood, instead of the bone marrow. For this reason, they are now more commonly called stem cell transplants. We can provides you stem cells.

Suryanarayana Alapati says:

how the PRP is different from regenexx.what is ℅of regeneration in human beings?

Don Ng says:

is anybody doing any research on stem cell if yes please i would like to be a guinea pig
cos i m too poor for treatment i m a motor neuone bulbar sufferer My e mail is

Tks doctor

john murphy says:

Stem cell treatment clinic belgrade is doing amazing work with stem cells released from the bone marrow , they're treating all kinds of autoimmune illnesses (I personally know patients who consider themselves cured)

John Duck says:

I live in Thailand and these guys are con artists!! They wanted 500,000 Baht to help my Thai wife who has been bed ridden for more than 10 years from three strokes!! Don't believe returning hope!!!

Swatin Shetty says:

Genes should also be a match for that…human organs dont grow in whales..

answerOfstupids says:

question, i dont think body has any method of delivering those stems cells where they are needed. Its not like these were white cells, so just inserting them in blood anywhere, how would that ensure that even 1 percent would reach where needed and not scatter around, also what effect stem cells have where they are not needed for now, ie brain. Shouldnt they be delivered using other straight forward and precise methods. Also i heard that stem cells form fat arent that good.

tvbNEWSreporter says:

I don't think it won't work, but for the human size ORGAN to work (how fast the development need to be), they should implant those organ into WHALE first, then the science world got the capability to manufacture organs and related mico-cell chemistry

Sophie Alice says:

@catcando75 also, Dr Burt in Northwestern is doing amazing work with stem cells released from the bone marrow to 'reboot' the immune system without the MS 'file' – he is treating all kinds of autoimmune illnesses (i personally know a number of them who consider themselves cured)– but this is a far cry from this quack who claims to treat everything by extracting fat cells … ridiculous. sounds great though – i just hate that this nice video can fool suffering patients with false hope.

Sophie Alice says:


Catcando75 says:

Reintroducing the stem cells via lumbar puncture has shown promising results @ a clinic in Germany for M.S. patients (they use stem cells from bone marrow). Not sure how introducing them intravenously would hit the intended target. Being a medical professional, I would have to agree with nmaxcom on that point. The video re: centrifuging & activation was interesting though.

Neithan says:

Stem cells don't know where to go magically, that's a myth. Show me one revised scientific paper that proves that intravenously injected stem cells get into the spinal cord or anywhere else and fix anything.


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