The App That Lets You Take Care of Other People’s Dogs | Forbes

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Are you a dog lover who can’t commit to owning one? There’s now an app for that dilemma. Bark’N’Borrow connects dog owners with people who want to spend time with furry friends. FORBES got a chance to see how it all works.

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ruzzell907 says:

Before borrowing your dog there should be a GPS tracker put into the dog to make sure no dog owner's heart will be broken.

roxanneworld11 says:

awesome!! & these must be the happiest dogs in the world!!..cats are who have showed up for me these last several years, under various conditions – but i grew up in a family with dogs and have done a lot of house and dog sitting..miss having them..what a great idea this guy had and under the right circumstances i'd love to participate – i'll remember this option. 🙂

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